wayne macauley caravan storyCaravan Story

*New edition now available. First published by Black Pepper Publishing, 2007. Republished by Text Publishing, 2012. ISBN: 9781922079121. 224 pgs. RRP A$19.95    
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"Wayne Macauley’s first novel, Blueprints for a Barbed-Wire Canoe, showed that
a real talent had arrived
and his second confirms the promise."
Owen Richardson, The Age

"Mixing elegy and whimsy, satire and black humour,
language becomes pliant under Macauley’s command."
Tali Politchtuk, Australian Book Review

"A lament but also a call to arms, Caravan Story is a thrilling piece of satire,
a compulsively readable, extremely well-wrought Orwellian fable that I believe
 announces the arrival of Macauley as
a major Australian writer."
Martin Shaw, Readings Monthly
(edited version reprinted in The Monthly)

    "A deeply weird and unsettling novel... Macauley may be a writer of a quality we don't quite deserve."
Sam Twyford-Moore, The Australian

"In an age of corporate excess, of truth distorted by commercial demands, of the triumph
of utilitarianism, Macauley’s warning, albeit in satirical form, sounds a clarion call.
Art needs no reason to exist save its own purpose to entertain, enlighten, provoke
and surprise. And what a delightfully entertaining way for us to realise that!"
    Sunday Star Times (NZ)


Part One, Chapter One...

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