wayne macauley blueprints for a barbed-wire canoeBlueprints for a Barbed-Wire Canoe

*New edition now available.  First published by Black Pepper Publishing, 2004. Republished by Text Publishing, 2012. ISBN: 9781922079114. 224 pgs. RRP A$19.95    

The Age 'Pick of the Week'
Australian Book Review 'Favourite Australian Novel'

  • 3 September 2012. Interview about Blueprints for a Barbed-Wire Canoe on 2SER. (Listen here)
  • 25 July 2012. Blueprints for a Barbed-Wire Canoe reissued by Text Publishing
  • 29 September 2012. Blueprints for a Barbed-Wire Canoe reviewed in The Australian.
  • December 2012. Blueprints for a Barbed-Wire Canoe reviewed in Sunday Star Times (NZ). 
  • 23 February 2013 Blueprints for a Barbed-Wire Canoe reviewed on ANZ LitLovers blog

"Wayne Macauley has the soul of a poet and his surreal novella is stunningly written…
It is a satire of exquisite poise and confidence…
If more Australian literature was of this calibre, we’d be laughing."
Cameron Woodhead, The Age (Pick of the Week)

"…like falling into a bail of barbed wire in the dark and fighting to get out till morning.
The more I struggled, the more it got under my skin."
Mark Tredinnick, The Bulletin

"…a salutary fable about the horrors awaiting our disaffected modern citizenry…
 lasting visual images and resonant symbolism."
Bronwyn Rivers, Sydney Morning Herald

"… bewitching… ethereal… hallucinatory…
In an era when many Australian novelists are playing it safe…
Wayne Macauley is an ambitious talent worth watching."
Emmett Stinson, Wet Ink

"… tapping the hidden heart of a different Australia…
this is original Australian writing at its best."
Graham Clark, The Courier Mail

    "beautiful, near-baroque... a grotesque cast of ratbag characters...
This is Mad Max of the McMansions."
Sam Twyford-Moore, The Australian

"A wry and deadpan assault on dreary and deluded town planners…
Macauley hits the bullseye."
    Sunday Star Times (NZ)

"Like The CookBlueprints for a Barbed-wire Canoe is a satire, one which attacks the sacrosanct
Great Australian Home Ownership Dream, and Macauley uses lashings of
black humour to make his point.  It’s deeply unsettling."

Lisa Hill, ANZ LitLovers


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Chapter Nine...

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