Wayne Macauley in A Hunger ArtistA Hunger Artist

(adapted from the Kafka short story)

Written by Wayne Macauley
Directed by Martin Christmas

Performed by Wayne Macauley

La Mama & Anthill Theatres, Melbourne
(1980, 1981 & 1986) & Belvoir Street Theatre, Sydney (1987)

'spellbinding, powerful, compelling viewing' - The Herald

'everyone should beg tickets... it is world class' - ABC Radio

The Last Resort - SDThe
Last Resort

Devised and designed by Berkhaus Playhaus  
Written by Wayne Macauley
Performed by Susie Dee, Tim Scally and Stephen Sculley at Anthill Theatre, Melbourne (1987)

'one hour of Beckettian absurdism... clever, shrewd and polished' - The Age

The Colony - convictThe Colony

Written and Directed by Wayne Macauley
Designed by Ian Cuming
Music by Tony Hargreaves

Performed by Ian Scott, Phil Sumner, Susie Dee,
Patricia Cornelius, Arpad Mihaly, Neild Scheider
and Ian Mortimer

at the Athenaeum II Theatre, Melbourne (1986)

'arresting... superb... a unique approach to contemporary theatre' - The Sun

All Photos: Jacqueline Mittleman